Affirmation Custom Name Crib Sheet Easy Basic Creations

Affirmation Custom Name Crib Sheet

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Elevate your nursery with our adorable Affirmation Custom Name Crib Sheet, designed to nurture your little one's self-esteem from the start. Crafted to fit snugly on all standard crib mattresses, this custom sheet is not only practical but also stylish, adding a touch of charm to any nursery decor. Featuring empowering phrases such as 'I am blessed,' 'I am loved,' 'I am unique,' 'I am brave,' 'I am smart,' and 'I am enough,' personalized with your baby's name, this crib sheet serves as a constant reminder of their worth and potential. As they drift off to sleep surrounded by these affirmations, they are encouraged to embrace their individuality and face life with confidence. Create a nurturing environment for your little one with our Affirmation Custom Name Crib Sheet.

Measures approximately 28” Tall x 52” Wide. 

  • 100% Jersey Knit Polyester

Washing instructions:
- Machine Wash Cold
- Tumble Dry Low
- NO fabric softener/bleach/iron  

Colors may vary depending on monitor.

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